The nipple renew procedure is a tattooing process used to create the appearance of a dimensional nipple and areola on your reconstructed breast mound(s).  It is an interactive experience where your opinions and input is greatly encouraged, after all it is your body.  My background in artistry, color theory, and tattooing, combined with my knowledge as a licensed esthtician and your input,  we'll create the finishing touch to your plastic surgeon's exquisite reconstructive work. There are many factors in making a realistic looking nipple. We will take the time to align those factors to achieve a visually satisfying look.

     Since we all have different skin tones, there isn't a single color that works for everyone. Keeping that in mind, our first step is to find the colors that work for you. I'll pull out the different pigments and do color tests by painting on your skin.  In most cases, I'll combine different colors to suit your unique skin tones.  Once the colors are selected, I will use them to paint on the breast mounds to determine the shape, size, placement and balance of your areolas. When everything is just right, we move onto the next step.

     The next step begins with making a couple small marks to be used as our guidelines and then cleaning the area of the painted pigment. I want to make sure to alleviate discomfort during the procedure, so before any tattooing takes place, I will apply a topical anesthetic. We let the anesthetic set for approximately 30 mins.  Afterwards, we may begin the tattooing process. The tattooing process will last roughly 20 minutes per nipple.

     After the tattooing is finished, you will have an opportunity to look them over. If there are any little changes that you would like done, they can be done at that time.  Your nipples will be slightly redder at the end of the session due to the irritation of the tattooing.  That redness will fade during the healing time. When your session is complete, I will go over aftercare instructions (which you can look over by clicking the button below). I will also book you a secondary appointment for about 6 weeks after. It is not uncommon for there to be a slight pigmentation loss during the initial healing.  This second appointment is to replenish any loss.  I also like to look at the initial healing period as a sort of test drive for your nipples.  After living with them for 6 weeks you may decide to change the shape or alter the color.  Those minor changes can be done at that second appointment.

     I hold very high standards at my studio and get certified yearly to be sure that my practice of safety and cleanliness is up to date. My room is cleaned and changed over with a fresh set up for each client. I will also only use sterile, single use needles.  It is also important to me that you feel comfortable, so I welcome you to bring a friend or loved one to be with you during the procedure. if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, you may email me by clicking the link below.


Nipple Renew, Juli Moon Studio Inc.  9 Boston st. Lynn, MA 01904  (781) 598-8282