Frequently Asked Questions

How is Juli's technique different than a plastic surgeon's?

Many plastic surgeons recommend my technique for a a few different reasons.  The first reason is that plastic surgeons are not trained as tattoo artists. Having four decades of tattooing experience (30 years doing nipple tattooing), I understand how to use the pigments to create the desired effect.  The second reason is that plastic surgeons use a vegetable base dye,that acts as more of a stain than a permanent pigment which is why it fades quickly.  Most plastic surgeons will suggest you go to a tattoo artist to get a permanent result.

How soon after my reconstruction can I get my nipples tattooed?

     Many plastic surgeons will say 2-3 months. I would prefer 5-6 months to be sure that you had enough time to heal. Although people do heal at different rates it's always better to wait the extra time in cases where scaring is involved.

Will the tattooing hurt?

     This is a common question I receive as people who have never had tattoos may be anxious about how it feels. Rest assured that I use a topical anesthetic during to ease any discomfort that the tattooing process may cause..

I've never been to a tattoo studio before, is it a clean environment?

     Juli Moon Studio Inc. is not what most people think a tattoo studio would be and is nothing like what you would see on TV.  Our studio is clean, well lit and has a very tranquil atmosphere. I have my own room to ensure your privacy. I also keep up to date on medical quality guidelines for safety and cleanliness and get certified on a yearly basis. I will only use single use needles, tools and products. My room is cleaned and a fresh set up is done for each client.

How soon can I get an appointment with Juli?

I'm usually booked up a month - a month and a half out, but at times there may be cancellations or she may have a few scattered appointments open. It is always best to email her with the best days and times of the week for you to meet and she will give you the earliest dates possible.

Is this procedure covered by my insurance?

Most of my clients are reimbursed for the out of pocket costs of the procedure by their insurance carriers, but it is always best to call and find out before your appointment.

Do you submit to my insurance carrier fo payment?

I do not deal with your insurance provider at all.  It is an out of pocket cost that most insurance providers will reimburse.  After the second visit, I will send you a copy of the procedural notes with proper medical coding and my NPI number for you to submit to your provider.

How long does the tattooing take to heal?

Everyone heals at a different rate but healing usually takes between 10 days and two weeks.

Do I need someone to drive afterwards? Should I take time off work?

The procedure will not prohibit your ability to drive and you should be fine to return to work then next day.

For additional questions, please send me an email by clicking on the link.


Frequently Asked Questions